Saxony Company Showcase

Saxony Company Showcase

Spotlight on Saxonys biotech ecosystem

Germany is the largest market for healthcare and life sciences products in Europe. Market size, growth and demand make it an obvious choice for medtech, biotech and health tech companies seeking to expand their international footprints. However, deciding on the right strategy, partners, and operational base for a successful entrance to the German healthcare market can be a challenge. To help companies bring their products and services to market, navigate the regulatory framework, grow, and internationalize their business, Saxony’s pathway, cluster management and economic development organizations work closely together.

With strong clusters in the cities of Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden, Saxony forms one of Germany’s most dynamic life sciences regions today. Applied cutting-edge research in medicine and forward-looking innovations in healthcare form the center of the cluster. The rapid translation and market launch of the latest developments – from bench to bedside – are characteristic of the enormous appeal and competitiveness of the region in the life sciences. This is particularly the case in Saxony’s life sciences sector comprising everything from cell and gene therapies, molecular diagnostics and biomaterials to digital health and smart medical devices.

Selected business leaders from the biotechnology sector will talk about the strengths, opportunities, and challenges that Saxony’s life sciences ecosystem presents. Attendees will get insights into one of Germany’s most business-friendly life sciences environments, take away lessons learned and share their questions.

Find us at the BIO-Europe Agenda on the 24th of October from 15:30-16:30 in Multipurpose room 4

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